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About Us

Millennium Community Solutions CIC is a new organisation that has already made a big impact on the Lambeth community in South London. Founded in 2021 by Rev Gail Thompson, MCS is dedicated to providing free workshops and support to individuals of all ages and abilities. Our commitment to inclusive community-building is evident in the range of services we offer.


One of the areas where MCS excels is in our coding workshops. These workshops for all ages are designed to teach valuable skills in a fun and engaging way. By introducing children to the world of coding, MCS is helping to prepare them for the rapidly changing job market. In addition, these workshops can help foster a lifelong love of technology and creativity.

We also provide assistive technology & tech advice for people with disabilities. MCS understands that many individuals with disabilities face unique challenges when it comes to accessing technology. Our specialist team works closely with individuals to provide tailored solutions that can make technology more accessible and easier to use.


MCS is dedicated to making a positive impact on our communities. Through our free workshops and support services, we are helping individuals of all ages and abilities to develop valuable skills and access technology in a meaningful way, inspiring others through our commitment to inclusivity and community-building.

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