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Assistive Tech

Digital Assistive Technology

A Guide for People with Disabilities


A new resource from Millennium Community Solutions


248pp | A4 | paperback | £14.99 | Publication date 31/10/2022 | ISBN: 9781908755544

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“A full range of up-to-date assistive technology in the UK as well as free and for-purchase options and add-ons that will enable you to optimise your independence, productivity and creativity.”

—Rev Gail Thompson, founder & CEO of Millennium Community Solutions


“This guide has everything you need to know about how to make the digital world work for you”

—Emma Weston OBE, chief executive, Digital Unite


In Digital Assistive Technology you’ll find items of equipment or software to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of people with disabilities. 


The Guide enables people with disabilities to optimise their independence, productivity, and creativity. 


  • 240-page guide in colour

  • a wide range of up-to-date assistive technology

  • 300 products – apps, software, and hardware – available in the UK

  • a 62-page introduction to using digital assistive technology

  • free and for-purchase options and add-ons


Attractively designed and easy-to-use, it is a unique, concise, yet comprehensive resource that is intended to be also used by local authorities, professionals, family members, carers, friends, and students looking for intervention strategies. 


We have made the Guide available in print form because of the reality that there has been little to date on the market that showcases assistive technology as a paperback resource in the UK. Purely online resources are complex to browse, not always accessible to users, and there is the added barrier of digital poverty that confronts many disabled people across the country.

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