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Coding Clubhouse

Developing our coding skills


Coding is at the heart of our digital world. It’s how we communicate with computers and build software, apps, websites, and video games. It’s the new form of literacy and coding is an increasingly desirable and employable trait. The ability to write code will not only give young people a chance of improving job prospects but opens doors for people of all ages and abilities to problem solve, be creative and collaborate with their peers.

Millennium Community Solutions (MCS) is developing coding skills initiatives for youth empowerment and development, recognising, and nurturing the strengths, interests, and abilities of young people through the provision of real opportunities that will meet employment and socio-economic needs. 


The Coding Clubhouse mission is to provide in five Lambeth TRA locations, creative and safe out-of-school learning environment,  where young people work with adults to explore their own ideas, develop new skills, and build confidence in themselves using technology. In support of that mission, MCS Will be supporting 5 Coding community Clubhouses in the borough of Lambeth.

The Coding Clubhouse network will operate its flagship skills Centre at the Southwyck Coding & Arts Centre in Brixton. Free drop-in coding programs that engage youth in a warm and welcoming community of creators and learners. 

Staff are available during program hours to help you get started on projects. Whether you are interested in sharpening a skill, or just itching to try something new, you’ll find the tools and the encouragement to keep you motivated.

Whether its Lego, Microbits, Python or Web development, there’s something for everyone, regardless of ability or age.


MCS opinion is that the meaningful use participation involves recognising and nurturing the strengths, interests, and abilities of young people through the provision of real opportunities for them to become involved in decisions that affect them at individual and systematic levels. In responsible, challenging action that meets genuine needs, with opportunities for planning and/or decision-making affecting others in activity whose impact of consequence is extended to others. 


Watch out for 5 new coding centres opening soon!!!


To register please email:

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