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Assistive Technology Giode

240pp, A4 paperback, full colour, £14.99

Publication date October 31, 2022

ISBN: 9781908755544



The 240-page hard cover guide is a veritable clearinghouse of digital assistive technological tools. It draws upon the vast experience of people with disabilities in using and testing technology and aims to provide a guide to help guide anyone with a physical disability or neurodivergent in choosing Assistive Technologies (AT) that will meet their day-to-day needs. 

When researching this project, conferences, exhibitions, various group discussions and workshops was a crucial influence. And most importantly, the lived experience of people with a disability, as expressed on social media, events, and in public feedback was a vital source of information. We thank you all for your participation and willingness to share that experience. 

In preparing the guide, we felt it was important to make a potential AT user aware of the many available tech options but also to help build the users capacity to make informed decisions wherever possible. As a result, the book suggests a wide range of technologies to address various technological difficulties. We also seek to suggest technologies available free or available at very low cost so that people can start to try various pieces of assistive tech. 

Consumer or ‘mainstream’ technologies often have features or functions which have the potential to make a significant difference in lives. So, as you work through each chapter, you will find constant reference to devices, aids and gadgets that can be easily purchased in the high street or through an online website or app. We often recommend that these technologies be a great starting point when reducing barriers in everyday living.

We would like to thank David & Kathy Banes for editing this guide. David is Director of David Banes Access and Inclusion Services and co-founder of Global symbols. He worked as headteacher in a school for children with disabilities and has led assistive technology services in Europe and the Middle East. He now works across the globe, including projects with low and medium-income countries in Africa and South Asia to support the implementation of access and inclusion from policy to practice. 

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