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"Millennium Community Solutions is a Community Interest Company based in South London. Our work is focused on ensuring people living with disabilities in Lambeth and neighbouring boroughs are valued as the important contributors to society they are. Central to this is the right of people living with disability to have equal access to training and technology to support day-to-day life, employment and social connectivity alongside dignity and respect for their individual circumstances and needs."

We are aware that this website may not be completely accessible to everyone. This is very important to us so  but please bear with us. Thanks for you patience and understanding


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    Our Projects    

We recently ran our Smartphones for Vulnerable Communities campaign. For more information watch the video below!

For more information on the Digital Assistive Technology Handbook please click here!

For more information on the Smartphones for Vulnerable Communities campaign please click here!

    Support Us    

If you can, please donate any amount to our Crowdfunder; in collaboration with Community TechAid we are aiming to give 100 people smartphones to help them get online and connect with vital support services and loved ones. We hope to raise £8000 to buy 100 4G enabled smartphones. We are delighted to confirm that each phone will be given with 6 months of unlimted texts and calls plus 20GB of data.

If you would like to make a non-financial contribution to our services, please click the above button and write us a message! We accept donations of items of technology and equipment. You might wish to donate some of your time, a member of staff or work experience. Or maybe you'd like to contribute to one of our projects, campaigns or have a suggestion. If any of these sound like your thing, get in touch!

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