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Millennium TV

Millennium TV aims to provide an online broadcast to help guide anyone with a disability in choosing assistive technologies that meet their needs. We felt it was important to raise awareness of the many available options and also to help build the capacity of those with physical disabilities or who are neurodivergent to make informed decisions wherever possible. As a result, the broadcasts will suggest a wide range of technologies to help address challenges to people with various needs – we face and talk a little about some of the questions you may have about when choosing the Assistive Tech you want to try. 

March 2023 

Centred around digital Assistive Technology, the monthly 15-minute TV video casts are presented by Millennium Community Solutions founder Rev Gail Thompson and include reviews of the up-to-date tech from various guests including David Banes, director of David Banes Access & Inclusion Services and co-founder of Global Symbols. 


Subject include:


  • Accessible technology including products, equipment, and systems that can be customised and provide persons with disabilities access to all services and content. Digital Assistive Tech may be hardware, software, mounting systems, switches, and positioning devices. Some examples might include smartphones with integrated speech-to-text that can be used for dictation or creating captions. 

  • Learn how to integrate Android accessibility services into your app internationalisation process to cater to users with disabilities worldwide.

  • Digital and e-Learning Accessibility for People with Special Educational Needs: A Robotic Perspective

  • Fillable forms need to be accessible. Learn about the formats you should use, and what factors should be considered when deciding on the format.

  • Day-to-day digital consumer goods (hardware & software).

  • Mobile-first dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge and Bumble and the potential to greatly benefit the blind community – and yet why do advocates of these apps largely ignore the narrative of the blind...?


The station will draw expertise from many people whose insight has been a crucial influence for Millennium Community Solutions. 

Rev Gail Thompson is the founder of Millennium Community Solutions and wheelchair user of 34 years.


Reviewer David Banes worked as headteacher in a school for children with disabilities and has led assistive technology services in Europe and the Middle East. He now works across the globe, including projects with low and medium-income countries in Africa and South Asia to support the implementation of access and inclusion from policy to practice. 

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