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Dr Patrick White Joins Millennium Community Solutions as an Advisory Board Member

Millennium Community Solutions is delighted to welcome Dr Patrick White to the team, Patrick joins as an advisory board member, aiding us in our efforts to support people living with disabilities. Welcome!

Patrick completed his undergraduate training in Ireland before moving to Scotland to become a GP trainee where he first developed an interest in research and published a paper about the care of epilepsy in general practice. After moving to London in the early eighties he undertook a Primary Care Research Fellowship at St George’s Hospital School of Medicine whilst working as a GP. He was also a lecturer in general practice and primary care at King’s College Hospital School of Medicine.

More recently he leads a research programme in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) To do this it’s necessary to design new projects and seek research grants from funding bodies such as the NHS National Institute of Health Research and charities such as the Dunhill Medical Trust. The second element of his work involves the recruitment of new GP academics into the department as academic registrars and clinical fellows. Patrick is responsible for their management as they progress through their training. Linked to this is the supervision of students undertaking their Master’s degree in Public Health.

Thirdly he is involved with teaching, including contributing to the Master’s degree in Palliative Care (within the Department of Palliative Care, Rehabilitation and Policy).

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