• James Szumowski

Millennium Receives Funding Grant from Common Call!

Updated: Feb 28

"Common Call is delighted to announce the new cohort of 36 grant recipients that are creating impact in underserved communities. 

The awarded organisations address social challenges in areas such as; diversity & inclusion, education, health, youth empowerment, youth employment and more. The grant allows these organisations to continue  delivering transformative impact in their communities, and supports the long-term development of these organisations. 

Powered by social enterprise, Do it Now Now, the Common Call Fund was founded to support organisations that are creating impact in deprived communities and providing services to people that have been adversely affected by the COVID crisis in terms of physical health, mental health and financially stability. The fund is supported by Comic Relief through the Global Majority Fund, and has disbursed £300,000 in grants to Black-led organisations across the United Kingdom. 

The application process for this round of funding, Fund Two, was extremely competitive, as we received over 600 applications. Successful applicants demonstrated the strongest business case for achievable impact and financial sustainability. 

The decision to fund the 36 organisations was made by a panel drawn from a community of Black led organisations, to ensure grantees were centred in the decision-making process."

All of the organisations awarded funds by Common Call!

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