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Testimonial from Akin Samuel, Director, Quanticle SEO / ARTS

"Millennium Community Solutions and its founder Gail Thompson are doing sterling work in support of the communities at Lambeth in South London.

In particular their focus on IT initiatives and the supply of mobile phones with contracts has been a lifeline for financially disadvantaged residents during the lockdown, enabling them to retain access to vital services in a global pandemic.

Not resting on her laurels, Gail Thomson has identified another vital need for disabled and BAME Lambeth residents to have access to industry standard software development courses. This will enable them to re-skill and address the chronic under representation of these groups in software development jobs.

It will also address the chronic shortage of workers with these skills in the UK, especially where software engineering is vital for running everything in the modern world. Gail Thompson has sourced a rich vein of diverse and eager minds in the BAME, looking to acquire the skills to join the IT revolution."

Akin Samuel, Director of Quanticle SEO / ARTS

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