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Testimonial from John, a Norwood Service User

"I have recently celebrated my 83rd birthday but in late 2019 I came down with a very debilitating illness which was later revealed to be COVID-19. I was very unwell and have been shielding and in isolation since I came out of hospital in early 2020.

As I live alone I was feeling quite cut off so I was delighted to receive a Kindle Fire tablet from Community TechAid & Millennium Community Solutions as it enabled me to video call with my daughter and grand daughter as well as granting access to all of the BBC apps so I can watch the cricket!

Once the tablet arrived I had a bit of difficulty setting it up, thankfully Millennium Community Solutions run a helpline (click here to learn more about #CallMO) and after I called they sent one of their volunteers to help me get online. Within an hour he had me up and running! I would like to extend my thanks to Millennium Community Solutions’ founder, Gail, who I have known for years and who has helped me many times with all things tech!

Without the help of Millennium Community Solutions, #CallMO, Gail and her wonderful volunteer I would be left very cut off. I am so grateful and it’s so lovely to be back in regular contact with my family." John, Norwood.

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