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Testimonial from Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing

Through our collaboration with Hubbub we have been able to provide smart devices to service users across Lambeth, below is email correspondence between Millennium Community Solutions & Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing regarding one such donation.

Names and locations have been removed to protect the service user's privacy.

She explained how unsafe she felt without a reliable phone, her apartment is very difficult to access and she felt vulnerable and cut off. As her condition has progressed she has become physically disabled, with her mobility issues adding to her feeling of isolation.

When I told her that she was eligible for one of the phones donated by Hubbub & Millennium Community Solutions she burst into tears. She was so shocked and overwhelmed by the unexpected nature of the gift.

The service user said: "This gift will change my life, I can contact help and support services, keep up to date with the news and keep in regular, face to face contact with friends and family!"

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