• James Szumowski

Testimonial from Tony Bailey, CEO, Happy Drums

"I am very grateful to your inspirational organisation because you have provided me with access to service that I would miss out on. I am a Lambeth resident and have a company, Happy Drums, that delivers music workshops for people of all ages and abilities. Millennium Community Solutions has helped me into employment with Disability Advice Service, Lambeth (DASL) delivering Zoom music sessions online. The workshops have been running since December 2020 and will continue until the 27th March. Feedback from interactive music sessions shows that participants enjoyed the workshops and that their health and wellbeing had improved as a result. Happy Drums is delighted to provide a very important service for isolated people in Lockdown. Millennium Community Solutions has demonstrated to me that they are an excellent organisation that provide a free service to Lambeth residents with information about services that are available to them.

Once again, thank you!

Tony B. (Happy Drums)"

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