• James Szumowski

The Jubilee Centre at Portobello House is Open!

We are delighted to inform you that the newly refurbished Jubilee Centre at Portobello House has opened its doors to the public!

The Millennium Community Solutions team was joined by members of the local community and charitable organisations Community TechAid, Clear Community Web, Centre for World Group. The Jubilee Centre could not have opened if not for contributions from Lambeth Council and T Brown who were also in attendance.

Revd Gail Thompson cuts the ribbon on the Jubilee Centre

Upon opening the site, Revd Gail said "Lambeth Borough Council are helping to develop the community by inviting a re-imagination of these spaces in partnership with groups such as ourselves and providing safe places for residents; spaces organisations to operate and deliver services for the community. They are providing a home where community growth, community action, employment, volunteering and social enterprise will flourish.

The Jubilee Centre is a prime example. This hall was in a state of disrepair until one of our corporate partners T Brown agreed to assist in its refurbishment.

At the Jubilee Centre we will be working side-by-side with the Institute of imagination. They will be supporting us in developing digital coding groups for local children. We are really excited about this opportunity to collaborate with this extraordinary organisation for such important work.

We are also working closely with Community TechAid, through this relationship we’re able to procure various bits of technology such as tablets and laptops, including these computers that you see here in this room."

Justin from Community TechAid with the devices they donated

"We will also welcome Clear Community Web to the space, they will offer classes helping adult residents develop digital skills, awareness and confidence; helping the older generation access the wide array of things the digital world can offer.

Centre for World Group will be organising workshops, and Play & Learn Cafè will be running a toddler stay-&-play group.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all of the Lambeth Borough Council officers for their support, particularly Joyce Bird & John O'Reilly for helping us bring this project to fruition."

The crowd eagerly awaits the opening of the Jubilee Centre

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