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Updated: Mar 17

As we enter a rainy March, Millennium CIC is making strides across South London.

Existing as a one-woman volunteer organisation for its first year, Millennium CIC impacted the lives of dozens of service users. Scores of internet-enabled devices have been donated to local organisations such as Lambeth TechAid to ensure everyone in Lambeth can get online and access the opportunities offered by the internet.

Millennium CIC founder & CEO, Gail Thompson

Since launching in Spring 2020, Millennium CIC has taken responsibility for multiple Tenants and Residents Association (TRA) Halls across the London Borough of Lambeth. Our first TRA Hall, The Southwyck House Community Hall, has been used by Healthy Living Platform as a base for their food bank and all other facets of their operations.

Healthy Living Platform have recently started the 'Southwyck Pantry' initiative, a membership based model, where members have the opportunity to ‘buy’ up 10 items for £5, and the option to choose a further 10 free items from surplus food donations.

Their aim is to address food insecurity in a way that is more dignified and a sustainable, long term solution when compared to charity food parcels or food banks.

Healthy Living Platform staff at Southwyck House Community Hall

If you would like to help Millennium Community Solutions CIC support Healthy Living Platform and other local charities, please consider donating to our GoFundMe page, here. Any amount is appreciated and it all goes to support our friends and neighbours across Lambeth.

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