Happy drums


Tony Bailey has been leading drumming classes for over fifteen years, his diverse sessions welcome families from all walks of life and encourage collaborative thinking.


Happy Drums sessions offer people the chance to experience something new, and welcome people of all ages and abilities. The workshops, which have been running online since the outbreak of the pandemic, foster important social interaction at a time when it has been very hard to come by.


The weekly one-hour Multicultural Family Rhyme Time sessions use inclusive facilitation to make sure everyone, even those who may have been previously left behind by other organisations, has the chance to be and feel part of a collaborative and fun workshop. Tony's classes are wonderful introduction to music and are accessible to all, including those with physical and/or learning disabilities. Operating in this way unites Lambeth’s many diverse communities, neighbourhoods and nationalities; the communal nature of the sessions encourages everyone, no matter their background, to contribute their own traditional styles of music and rhythm.


While Tony’s classes are fun and educational it is their social aspect which has the greatest effect on attendees. Group drumming sessions have been shown to alleviate symptoms of poor mental health, promote wellbeing and increase happiness! While music may be the starting point, conversations and friendships quickly develop too.


Even while the country has been in lockdown, Happy Drums have fostered new friendships and allowed people to be connected with services they may have found it difficult to access otherwise.