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My name is Reverend Gail Thompson, I’m the founder and CEO of Millennium Community Solutions CIC. I have had MS for 34 years.

In the past year the team at Millennium have had many eye opening conversations and meetings with various groups and organisations, we would like to give thanks for their wonderful input which has helped Millennium thrive.

You may be wondering where we’ve gone, please bear with us, our website guru James is redeveloping and updating our website.

  • At Millennium we pride ourselves on being problem solvers. We are unique and distinct from other not-for-profit organisations; seeking change, participation, employment and recognition for disabled and elderly people.

  • The challenges facing disabled and elderly people in are nothing new, but thanks to recent technological advances the way we approach these challenges has changed. Assistive Technology truly unlocks the door to inclusivity and we hope more tech companies will utilise it, improving the lives of so many.

  • ‘Dis’ is merely a prefix, the ability that a person was born with remains. Next time you see somebody with an impairment don’t ask them if they need a hand, ask them if they need a job!

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The #CallMO helpline is open while we make some upgrades to our website. Please call if you have any questions about technology, computers or the internet!

We have a special focus on Assistive Technology (or 'AT') and have experts on hand to answer your calls Tuesday - Thursday, 12-4!

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